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(Multi Ch. Touchstar Private Collection x Multi Ch. Desperate Dune of Mayoland)

° 02/05/2014

Belgian Champion - Luxembourg Champion 2016 - BOB Luxembourg Autumn Show 2015 - BOB Clubmatch Luxembourg 2016
Luxembourg Junior Champion - BOS Clubmatch Holland 2015 - BOB Rotterdam 2016 - BOS Rotterdam 2016
BOB Raduno World Winner Terrier Show Milan 2015 - BOB Terriershow EDS Oslo 2015 - BOB Belgian Winner Brussels 2015
BOB Mechelen 2015 - BOB Liège 2015 - Belgian Junior Winner - Swiss Champion - BOB at French Championship Metz 2016 - VDH Champion

Clubmatch Jack Russel (NL)

BOB Metz - Championnat de France

CAC in Genève

Touchstar Private Collection Goldsand's Columbus Saltisgardens Snille O Smak
Brosing's Australian Ivory
Touchstar Quintana Rod Touchstar Genesis
Touchstar Actractive
Desperate Dune of Mayo Land Ch'Tadore of Mayo Land Beaconway Scotch N'Coke
Vaya of Mayo Land
Super Mayo Land of the Hunter Pride Rosetta/Jr. Rookee
Deja Vu Journey of the Hunters Pride