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A little bit of history...

I was closely involved in the world of horses.  I often saw at horse shows little Jack Russells with their English grooms and riders.
I decided this was the dog for me.  Up until then, I had only kept sighthounds, the two would make a good team for hunting !

It all started when we aquired our first Jack "Julie".  She was of English origin (Hillfarm) and as fate would have it, she was born
on my birthday.  A good omen !
I chose the mates for my beloved Julie carefully and I kept several nice bitches from these matings.  It was the same for the
Parsons, the two who became my foundation terriers were born early in 1991, a very special time in my life.

After five generations of my own breeding I decided to buy in some new blood, a top class stud dog was needed, but where to find
this gem?  Crufts !  The best place in the world to find the Parson of your dreams.  I headed off for Crufts to find my dream dog,
after looking at all the dogs I found the type I liked, I asked the breeder if he had pups for sale.  He had and promised to send me
a photo as soon as he could.  Perhaps it was destiny the breeder won Crufts.  I made my choice and that kennel had the best, and
as time would tell for many years to come his dogs would be at the top.

I returned home to wait patiently for the photo of my pup to arrive.  When it came, he was cute with a well marked head but the
price had gone up considerably since the show, the price of fame !  When all his papers were in order, we arranged to meet at a dog
show in Wolverhampton (UK).  I was to get my dog at last.  When we arrived at the show, my pup was there but next to him in another
cage was another dog.  It was love at first sight.

He was all white with just a tan patch over one eye, so comic but so appealing I just had to have him.  After a lot of bargaining he
decided to let me have him but I had to take the original pup I'd chosen also with me.  Now I had two dogs and one set of papers.
No problem, all was well at the customs.  It's ok to come here to Belgium but a bit more difficult to get back to England.
I now had my Howlbeck Percy Special, Hawie to his friends.  This was the starting point of my exciting adventure.  Many people laughed
at my all white dog with one spot of tan over his eye, but boy when he entered the ring they were speechless.  He had presence and an
attitude when he moved round the ring.  It was if he owned it !  Hawie had arrived, he was unbeatable.  Not only he was unbeatable in
the ring but he proved to be a brilliant stud dog and a wonderful companion.

Since 1985 I have tried to explain to my visitors that there are two types of Russells, basicly of the same origins but one "the Jack" being
shorter on the leg, when viewed from the side like an oblong but not over long.  That would make him into a sausage.
The other "Parson" is higher on the leg and when viewed from the side, he's more square.  This helped them make a decision.

Since 1985 I have bred the two types separately and I have searched to improve my lines by selecting only the best.  I think it's exciting
and look forward to seeing the results of my chosen matings - each one is important. 
If all goes well I am very pleased.  After all it's much more rewarding to breed a champion than to have bought one but then again
everybody has to start somewhere.

I now invite you to take a look around my website and I hope you enjoy your visit.

Suzanne Pattyn.